2021 – A Year in Review

It’s been a big year for Glossop Cartons, with lots going on.

We’ve been busier than ever, but that didn’t stop us from reflecting on everything that has happened over the past year. Here are some of our highlights!


2020 was a tough time, for businesses and staff alike. Coupled with the fact that a lot of the UK workforce had been furloughed or were working from home and therefore weren’t in the office to receive a Christmas card, we decided to donate the money that would normally have been spent on sending them to all our customers and suppliers to four local charities instead. Find out more >


We were delighted to celebrate Simon Boden’s 12-month anniversary with the company.  Simon came on board as our Business Improvement Manager, tackling issues key to our business growth and development, and we wouldn’t be without him. Find out more > 


We announced a management buy out. Former Sales Director, Wayne Fitzpatrick became the new Managing Director/Owner, taking over from Jacky Sidebottom-Every after almost 40 years. Find out more >


As part of our investment into our workforce, we celebrated Paul Wright’s promotion as a Gluing Machine Minder via an in-house fastrack course, and spoke about our commitment to staff training and retaining our workforce. Find out more >


We got to know the new Managing Director, Wayne Fitzpatrick and learnt about his plans for the future of Glossop Cartons. Find out more >


We were delighted to be shortlisted for the Manufacturer of the Year award at the Made in North West awards. Find out more >


Hot on the heels of the previous award nomination, we were shortlisted for another, in the shape of Employer of the Year at the Greater Manchester Business Awards. Find out more >


We were delighted to maintain three of our existing accreditations, furthering our commitment to providing high-quality products and reliable service to our customers. Find out more >


As part of Glossop Carton’s plans for growth, we discussed our growing experience within the pharmaceutical sector. Find out more >


We were happy to support World Mental Health Day and discussed our responsibility to ensure that all staff are happy and healthy – both physically and mentally, and as such, how the senior management team have put structures in place to support the mental health of our staff. Find out more >


Glossop Cartons announced its intentions to become a Zero Waste company. Find out more >


We took a well-earned break and reflected on our accomplishments over the last year.

Glossop Cartons will close for Christmas from December 23rd, and reopen on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022.

We would like to thank our staff for their continued dedication and hard work, and our customers and suppliers too.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

High Quality Packaging for High Quality Products

In our almost 40-year history, Glossop Cartons has worked with hundreds of customers to help create the perfect packaging for their products.

We have the business know-how to understand what your challenges are; logistics, optimisation, turnover etc – and know that your product’s packaging should be expertly crafted to not only properly protect and promote the items within, but to give the end-user a unique experience too.

Here’s how it’s done…

Get in Shape

get in shape

The dimensions of your packaging are of huge importance – the more they tessellate and stack together, the more you can load onto pallets, the more you can ship for a lower cost, and the lower your carbon footprint will be. Glossop Carton’s expert team can help create packaging that not only protects the integrity of your product but which considers your overall supply chain and in turn, keeps your costs down.


Make it Personal

make it personal

It pays to be different. No really…creating bespoke packaging tailored around your brand and the product inside it is a great way to increase your profits, and your brand awareness.

When thinking about how your product packaging will be designed, we think about your brand and how we can introduce features throughout your packaging, leaving your customers in no doubt where the product is from. If your brand relies heavily on the use of colour (think the Cadbury’s purple for example), then colour matching your packaging is a subtle way to extend your branding throughout your product line. We are not talking about the design on the outside of the box – that’s a given – but the structure of the inside. If there is a unique symbol or shape that you use within your brand, then using that shape throughout your packaging – whether it’s printed or embossed on the inside, it’s just one more way of marketing your brand until the very last second.


Tell a Story

tell a story

By using material that enhances your product and your brand, Glossop Cartons can help create a narrative that builds the user experience for your customers. If your product is a high value, luxury item, then you need the materials and an unboxing ritual to help portray that. Alternatively, we’re seeing a rise in sustainable and recycled materials as companies look to reduce their carbon footprint and repurpose material which may have otherwise ended up in landfill. Glossop Cartons is committed to becoming a zero waste company, and helping our clients become as environmentally friendly as possible is a part of that commitment.


You can talk to the team at Glossop Cartons for help in choosing the right material for your product by calling them on 0161 480 3568.
To take a look at our product range, click here >

Zero Waste for Glossop Cartons

Glossop Cartons underwent some important changes in 2021.

From the management buy-out at the beginning of the year, to navigating the challenges of Covid-19, and now, our commitment to become a zero waste company, there was a lot going on for everyone, and we’d like to extend a big thank you to the whole team for their passion and commitment which has helped Glossop Cartons maintain its high level of quality and customer service.

There are many benefits to becoming a zero waste business, for both the local economy and the planet;

  • It saves energy
  • Using recycled material prevents pollution as it reduces the need to harvest raw materials
  • It helps sustain the environment
  • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change
  • It generates employment opportunities within the local community

Glossop Cartons has outlined how it will work towards the ‘5 Rs’ to meet this target.

  1. Refuse

By refusing to use unnecessary plastic packaging. We understand that this isn’t always possible and that some packaging requirements do – until an appropriate substitute is discovered – need to use plastic to keep the contents safe/hygienic etc. However, in circumstances where plastic packaging is not necessary, we will advise customers of the alternatives to find more sustainable packaging for their produce.

  1. Reduce

Reducing all raw materials where possible, either by more innovative design, embossing onto the carton instead of printing unnecessary labels and using even more recycled material to reduce the amount of ‘new’ packaging across our service.

  1. Reuse

By using cardboard offcuts as an alternative to plastic packaging peanuts, we will reuse waste that otherwise ends up in landfill. Using materials that can be recycled or composted will have a more positive impact on future generations and the planet.

  1. Recycle

Offering an extensive range of recycled packaging for as many items as we can, means our customers have more options to be able to make sustainable choices.

  1. Repair

With a passion for innovation and investing in intelligent printing technology, Glossop Cartons is aware of the impact the company has on the environment, which is why we have an experienced technical team to maintain and care for our machines so that they perform to the best of their ability, with as little downtime as possible and if any performance issues are discovered, our team is on hand to repair quickly, and with as little travel time as possible, meaning no excessive emissions and that the machine doesn’t end up in landfill.

Underpinning everything we do is our commitment to quality and exceeding our customers’ expectations, without compromising our environmental principles. Glossop Cartons looks forward to sharing more details about its Zero Waste mission with our customers throughout 2022, as we work towards our target.

To read more about our newest sustainability accreditations, please click here >

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Packaging Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

As a leading manufacturer of carton board packaging products, Glossop Cartons has almost 40 years’ experience in trying to understand the issues its customers face and coming up with effective packaging solutions to resolve those issues.

Whilst some of the challenges our clients are facing in 2021 may be different from the challenges they faced when we started in 1982, Glossop Cartons is no less committed to helping solve them.

Here are four common pitfalls that beset our clients, and the advice we give to help overcome them.

  1. Being Sustainable

Perhaps the biggest challenge for a lot of our clients currently is becoming more sustainable – and with the huge increase in customer demand, and the UK working towards becoming carbon neutral by 2050, it’s an important part of our business. There is a need for customers to become more aware of their packaging as a whole; from the initial supply chain of their raw materials, to its construction and of course, how easy it is for the end-user to recycle it properly.

Glossop Cartons has helped many of our customers become more sustainable. Whether it’s suggesting an alternative and more ecological material or a change in packaging structure to use less material and reduce waste, we have helped a number of our clients become more sustainable, and help them offset material costs.

  1. Protecting the Product

Whilst sustainable materials are great for the environment, they’re not always suitable for the product inside. Delicate items sometimes require a more rigid structure and it’s a fine balance between going green and protecting what’s inside your packaging. The team at Glossop Cartons work with our customers to create packaging that’s kind to the environment whilst maintaining structural stability for what’s inside.

  1. Design

You could have the best product in the world, but if your packaging design isn’t showing it off, you’ve got an uphill struggle in selling it. Dave Smith, Studio Manager at Creative Agency FIG, says: “We create eye-catching packaging for clients spanning many sectors, and generally, try to keep to five main guidelines: keep it clear, keep it consistent, make it stand out, make it functional and make it unique, and if you follow these basic rules, you should have an effective and successful design for your product packaging.”

And if you don’t have your own design studio, Glossop Cartons has an in-house repro team that will work with you to create eye-catching designs for your target audience.

  1. Storing and Shipping

Getting your product to your customer can be complex. The storage and distribution of carton products have to be carefully considered to prevent product wastage – and that’s before tackling the current UK driver shortage. From edible or medical products with temperature sensitivities to prevent them from spoiling to durable packaging that stacks well on a pallet to prevent damage, there are many things to consider if your product requires international freight.

Talk to Glossop Cartons about your carton packaging requirements today, by calling 0161 480 3568 or email us at sales@glossopcartons.com

Glossop Cartons Promotes Better Support for Mental Health in the Workplace

World Mental Health Day falls on October 10th and comes as a timely reminder of the struggles that people have faced in the workplace – especially over the last 18 months.

From the challenges of furlough to the hardship of business closures and unemployment, globally, there has rarely been a time like the covid-19 pandemic, and as such, the landscape of ‘the workplace’ has changed significantly. Working from home is now ‘the new normal’ for a lot of office-based staff, and whilst some businesses have started to venture back to life in the office, 9-to-5 has been replaced with a more flexible and accommodating schedule.

However, for those of us who were classed as ‘key workers’ throughout the pandemic, such as healthcare workers, carers and emergency services, retail and like Glossop Cartons – manufacturing, – the burnout hit these sectors hard.

Along with the ongoing issues of Brexit, the container ship that got wedged in the Panama Canal (of which the effects of the delayed shipments are still being felt) and now the HGV driver shortage, it can feel as if it’s just one thing after another. If you don’t have a strong support system in place, it can really start to take its toll.

We’ve already started to see support systems put in place in other sectors, such as the NHS’ Healthchain – an online hub set up by Health Workers’ Foundation (HWF) to offer help to all healthcare staff when they need it, be that free or discounted services from HWF, including financial assistance, childcare grants, PPE, and counselling and therapy sessions.

And Glossop Cartons is no different. As an employer of more than 100 people, Glossop Cartons has a responsibility to ensure that all staff are happy and healthy – both physically and mentally, and as such, the senior management team have put structures in place to support the mental health of our people, including:

• creating an open door policy at all times, with staff encouraged to talk through any concerns or issues they may have.

• holding ‘team talks’ between the senior team and representatives from all departments regularly which offers an opportunity for staff to discuss progress and make suggestions for any improvements, with everyone encouraged to participate fully.

• a focus on staff training, from introductory health and safety and induction courses to fast-tracking staff through in-house training to further their career within the company. This focus on training and progression helps our staff feel valued and helps Glossop Cartons to retain the workforce’s years of experience, which is then paid forward to our customers via our high service levels and quality of work.

• supporting flexible working where possible. During the pandemic, Glossop Cartons supported flexible working. This helped to meet social distancing needs and any personal requirements of individuals.

• a dedicated mental health helpline set up by the Printing Charity, which we encourage staff to call if they are struggling.

Perhaps because of this approach, Glossop Cartons enjoys excellent staff retention with around 40% of staff having been with Glossop between 5 and 30 years.

This year’s theme for World Mental Health Day is ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’ but we hope that by working together and listening to our team, that Glossop Cartons can lead the way in creating an equal and empowering work environment for all our staff.



Do you need urgent help?
If your mental or emotional state declines rapidly, or if you’re worried about someone you know – help is available.
You’re not alone; talk to someone you trust. Sharing a problem is often the first step to recovery.