Skillfully Managing Seasonal Demand

In the September edition of Print Week magazine, Glossop Cartons’ sales director, Wayne Fitzpatrick, was interviewed about the way in which the company skilfully manages its varying workload in order to ensure that it is always able to deliver customers’ orders on time.

With customers’ Christmas season already well underway, Wayne outlined some of the techniques that Glossop Cartons uses to make sure that the family firm is always on time with deliveries.

Inevitably, there will always be a delay in the delivery of some customers’ seasonal product, and unavoidably, many will be unable to finalise volume demand as early as they had hoped. Both of these circumstances can curtail lead-times.

In order to successfully manage such situations, Glossop Cartons ensures that business is as evenly spread as possible throughout the year. The company’s workforce operates in accordance with a highly flexible shift pattern, enabling the company to increase its capacity during busier periods.

In addition to this, Glossop Cartons continually invests in the latest, most efficient packaging technology and systems in order to ensure that its manufacturing and fulfilment processes are as efficient as possible.

This reliability is one of the reasons why Glossop Cartons is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of carton board packaging products, and why some of its customers have been with the firm for as long as 30 years.

Glossop Cartons’ Managing Director Joins Insider’s Round Table

Glossop Cartons’ joint managing director, Jacky Sidebottom-Every, was recently invited to Insider’s round table event where like-minded business owners discussed company growth and the challenges often surrounding owner-managed businesses (OMBs).

The group of 13, including founders, directors and partners from a range of industry backgrounds, addressed growing a business and the barriers which sit alongside them, such as attracting new talent, investment and strategy.

A key theme throughout the discussion highlighted the importance of networking, nurturing skills and talent and establishing the right connections to grow your senior leadership team and push your business forward on its journey.

Speaking of the Insider’s round table, joint managing director Jacky Sidebottom-Every, commented: “It’s always a great opportunity for Glossop Cartons to be involved in these types of networking events, discussing opportunities and challenges surrounding OMBs and how we can overcome barriers to drive our businesses forward.

“Glossop Cartons has been established for 37 years and started as a family business when I was just 19 years old. We’ve come to the point where we need to bring more experience on the board. The problem is with family businesses, are that they are your “baby” and you have to learn to let go. It was a great opportunity to discuss with others in a similar position about building a management board to take your organisation to the next level.”

Jacky is also on the board of the British Printing Industries Federation and has launched an educational partnership with local schools to support the BPIF’s goal of promoting careers in the sector. Attracting new skilled talent to the industry will help to address such barriers discussed at the round table event. You can read all about the initiative here

If you’re interested in a particular project and would like to discuss it further, please get in touch 0161 480 3568.

Introducing our new Operations Director

Dave Bartlett joined our team in December of last year as our Production Director – he’s been doing such a fantastic job in fact, that we are happy to announce that he has recently been promoted to the role of Operations Director.

As most of you will know, Glossop Cartons acquired Contact Print and Packaging back in 2015 and expanded our business into the larger premises they occupied in Reddish. Dave actually ran the Print and Packaging factory for over 25 years as their Plant Director up until 2013 before moving on to Trenton Box based in Huntingdon in the position of Operations Director.

Bringing with him such a wealth of experience and skills – 40 years to be exact, Dave will be busy training team members to the highest standard and keeping everyone motivated in working together towards a common goal; enabling our Managing Directors, Jacky and Brian, to focus their time on corporate strategies and the future of Glossop Cartons.

A message from Jacky Sidebottom-Every: “Dave brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge of the print and packaging sector, and as such, he will support Glossop Cartons in the next stage of its development.”

Supporting the company in our next stage of development won’t come as a challenge to Dave, who has said he’s learnt plenty of skills and techniques over the years in order to ‘drive efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manufacture and delivery of orders.’

It’s an exciting time here at Glossop Cartons as we look forward to the future and our ever growing team.

Glossop Cartons In The News

With July taking us past the halfway point of the year, we look back at our aims for 2019 and reflect on what we achieved already


We were name checked in Print Week “Can AR outgrow its gimmicky image?” when our MD, Jacky lent her opinion to the piece on growing interest in the collaboration of Print and Augmented Reality; a service we have offered our customers since 2014!


February saw us proud to announce Wayne Fitzpatrick as our new sales director. Wayne brought a wealth of experience and industry knowledge with him, 25 years to be precise! Introducing him to our team was an easy decision and we’ve definitely benefited from the impact he has had on the team in such a short amount of time.


March saw ‘International Women’s Day’ take the forefront of conversations once again. The printing industry can often be a male dominated place; in fact BPIF figures in 2018 found women currently make up about 31% of the sector. Jacky once more was happy to speak on the subject, telling Print Week about her experience growing up in the industry and how this has changed, with more women taking on the career, over the last 10 years.

We also went on to talk to the team at Print Week about our exciting acquisition of the ‘Brausse Forza 900 C3’ an exciting piece of kit, which we were lucky enough to be the first business in the UK to take into production. Our joint MD, Brian Sidebottom, discussed how the investment has allowed for faster, reliable running speeds, improved consistency and efficiency with reduced power consumption.


We believe it is important to face issues head on, so in the hopes of tackling the skills shortage we looked to the children facing their next decisions in their education that will lead them to employment; Jane Brocklehurst our HR manager headed out to local secondary schools providing students with the opportunity for work experience placements, along with staging mock interviews and careers talks. The initiative was a huge success and we look forward to welcoming more partnerships with local schools.


We are proud to have supported The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital over many years, recently.. gifting 5,500 donation cartons. The charity is close to our hearts and by giving back we were able to support their fundraising efforts across the whole of the North West. Penny Hamer, senior corporate fundraising manager for the charity said:

“We’re incredibly thankful for Glossop Cartons’ donation box initiative. Keeping the hospital in the hearts and minds of the public, patients and staff is a crucial element of our fundraising. Glossop Cartons’ continued support in providing so many cartons plays a significant role in that. The personal links the family has with the hospital makes it even more heartfelt.”


Starting from humble beginnings, Glossop Cartons truly is a family business through and through! We were delighted when Family Business United approached us wanting to write a piece on the successes of the business over the year.

It was a fantastic opportunity for us to get chatting and reflect on the journey we’ve been on over the years.

2019 has been a busy year for us so far, with not only the above but so many more exciting happenings behind the scenes and well you know what they say… start as you mean to go on! So here’s to what’s left of the year, and without wishing it away we look forward to the future and what we’ll be reporting on once we’re ready to enter 2020!

We will also take this opportunity to thank all our customers for your continued support, we wouldn’t be where we are of course without you.

If you’re interested in a particular project and would like to discuss it further, please get in touch 0161 480 3568.

Glossop Cartons Proud to Support Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

There are times in business when it’s about taking stock – looking at what you’ve achieved and how you can make a difference.

At Glossop Cartons we don’t limit that to our own business actions and industry sector. As a local family run company we encourage our team to talk about issues, charitable organisations and activities we can work with and support to make a difference.

It is taking stock and being thankful that has led us to a long term collaboration with Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Our support for the hospital isn’t just about paying it forward for charity – it’s also about paying back. Within the team, many of our own children have benefitted from the care and expertise provided by the excellent services of the medical teams at one of the UK’s largest and busiest facilities. During times of life changing childhood illnesses and serious riding accidents when our children were toddlers and school children, the diligence and care of nursing staff saw our families through difficult and stressful times.

Our children may have grown up – but our support and appreciation for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital continues. We are proud to have spearheaded a number of charity initiatives over the years to support the hospital, which recently saw us gifting 5,500 donation cartons to support the charity’s fundraising efforts across the whole of the North West.  Working with our materials partner Varsity Packaging who kindly donated the carton board we  provided the charity with branded collection cartons. Look around the hospital and throughout our local communities and you’ll spot our boxes capturing people’s attention- raising awareness and helping raise funds to support the hospital’s life changing work.

Penny Hamer, Senior Corporate Fundraising Manager at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity said:

“We’re incredibly thankful for Glossop Cartons’ donation box initiative. Keeping the hospital in the hearts and minds of the public, patients and staff is a crucial element of our fundraising. Glossop Cartons’ continued support in providing so many cartons plays a significant role in that. The personal links the family has with the hospital makes it even more heartfelt.”

Vicky Every, marketing and commercial manager at Glossop Cartons, added:

“We’re proud and humbled that our donation boxes are playing such an important role in encouraging support for the hospital. And in doing our bit to support Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity we’re making a difference now and in the future – helping to ensure that the excellent service and care we received is there for our children’s children’s generation too.”

To find out more about our work in the community, or to discuss potential partnership opportunities, call our team on 0161 480 3568.